Excello Automatic Cone Winder


The Excello is a custom built Automatic Cone Winder suitable for winding wide range of yarn counts from 2s Ne to 120s Ne.  It can process cotton to jute yarn and vegetable fibres to synthetic/blends.  Both conventional and non-conventional yarn including Lycra core and cover yarn can be wound with ease and at desired package quality.

The machine is designed to accept all latest generation electronic yarn clearers like Uster Quantum 2, Loepfe Zenit / Spectra Plus and Keisokki Tri-Chord / Tri-Chord Flex.  The Excello ACW produces ribbon free, compact and consistent package.  And it is also equipped with Sintered Knife, a unique feature for proper cutting of yarn with long life and maintenance free.

Excello ACW provides total splicing solutions from Mesdan, Italy. Specially designed splicers for all material ranges from Cotton to Synthetic / Blends  which includes different yarns like single yarn, double yarn, core and cover yarn etc.

Modular design of the Electronic assemblies and PCBs can work with ease at mill condition.  User friendly software to give various information as per customers requirements.

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