Textile Division

100% Cotton Yarn is regularly exported directly and through merchant exporters to Egypt, Mauritius, Belgium, Italy and Far East countries like Indonesia, Hongkong,Singapore,Korea, etc. Major portion of cotton procurement is from Australia and West African countries.


  • Ne 24/1 Carded, Knitting yarn
  • Ne 30/1 Carded/Combed, Knitting/Weaving Yarn
  • Ne 30/2 Carded /Combed, TFO Knitting/Weaving Yarn
  • Ne 40/1 Combed,Knitting/Weaving Yarn
  • Ne 40/2 Combed, TFO Weaving Yarn
  • Ne 56/2 Combed,Knitting/Weaving Yarn
  • Ne 60/1 Combed,Knitting/Weaving Yarn
  • Ne 60/2 Combed, TFO Knitting/Weaving Yarn


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