Salient Features of Veejay Two-For-One Twisters
  1. Four spindle drive:    

Four-spindle tape drive system is well known for lesser energy consumption, lesser noise generation and lesser maintenance cost.  At the same time it ensures the twist variation at the lowest.  Our valuable customers in India and abroad are fully satisfied with the quality.



2.  Proven spindle:


Veejay manufactures high quality spindles and spindle components.  The proven design of Veejay spindles does not warrant any replacement.  The specially designed geometry of spindles enables less energy consumption.

  3. Hand brake system:    

Veejay TFOs are equipped with hand braking system. The hand brakes are more efficient and robust in comparison with knee breaks. And this is also safer. The hand brakes are fatigue free to the workers and also working becomes easier since the workers are mobile.

  4. Mechanical Cambox with Toothed belt drive system:    

Mechanical Cambox with Spur gear drive system is used for accurate drive transmission for take up traverse and pre-takeup arrangements. Toothed belt system gives accurate drive transmission without slippages.




5. Servo Drive System:


Instead of Mechanical cambox drive Electronic Servo Drive system can also be provided. All machines parameters can be set by input through Touch screen control panel, without change of Pulleys/Gear wheels.

Salient Features
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