Technical Specification of Precision Propeller Winder (Model: VJPW-6)
  Machine   Assembly Winder  
  Type   Precision Propeller  
  Yarn   Staple Yarn  
  Yarn Count   6s Ne to 120s Ne  
  Mechanical Speed   1000 mpM (max.)  
  Delivery Package   Cylindrical / Conical  
  Feed Package   Conical / Cylindrical  
  Delivery Package Diameter   280 mm (Max.)  
  Feed Package Diameter   250 mm (Max.) for two-ply  
  No. of spindles per section   3 Spindles (Single Sided)  
  Drive   Individual Inverter  
  Installed Power   0.33hp per Spindle  
  Tensioner   Motorized  
  Anti-Patterning System   Electronic, Programmable  
  Creel   2 Ply / 3 Ply  
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