Salient Features of Precision Propeller Winder (Model: VJPW-6)
  1.  Counter Rotating Blades    

     The Bi – Rotor system supports for handling of yarns and precise yarn laying to the whole package with constant winding ratio, which also ensures the quality package with No Pattern Zone, No Slippage, extremely best unwinding characteristics and optimum utilization of TFO machines.  


2.  Individual Spindle Drive:


Individual drive control, length control for every spindle and all parameters are setting through the centralized control with easy touch screen display. 

  3.  Quick Response Yarn Sensors:    

High response Reliable sensors with on / off position indication helps an operator to know the state of machine / sensor . Through which the yarn is properly laid will response in few milliseconds for yarn absence while machine running. This is a flexible Programmable yarn sensor , can be programmed for all types of yarn. 

  4. Length Measurement System:    
  Each spindle is provided with Length measuring system (LMS ) and the length measuring for the each spindle is taken from multiple sensing points also verified in various stages in the program so as to control the length accuracy of the delivery of package very high. 

6. User Interface:


An advanced Centralized System, Controls the functions of the all spindles. A touch display provided helps to enter parameters of all the spindles from a central position . The centralized systems and the touch display supports for Considerable time savings in entering parameters for all the spindles. Multi language option provided in the display supports for easy access of all parameters like, production details , Delivery package details and break etc by all level of the people. 

  7. User Friendliness:    
  A on/off indication and the feather touch key switch assembly provided is a user friendly system which helps an operator to know the alarm and doff status of the machine even from a long distance. 
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